Sam dây và cáp
Sam dây và cáp

Ducted optical fiber cable (DU)


The ducted optical fiber cables are designed for underground installation. The loose tube design provides stable performance over temperature range and is compatible with any telecommunication grade optical fiber.


  • Up to 288 fibers following ITU-T G.652 or G.655 or G.657…
  • Loose tube is designed following loose buffer tube technology
  • SZ stranding design/ Phương pháp bện SZ
  • Dry core design for excellent water blocking performance and easier handling/
  • Small diameter and light weight
  • Polyethylene jacket
  • Designed in accordance with applicable industry technical specifications, standards and references including EIA, IEC, ITU-T and TCVN
  • For anti-rodent cable with armour layer is made corrugated steel tape
  • High strength with peripheral dielectric strength members
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Technical specification

Technical specification of DU cable

Mechanical and environmental characteristic