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Copper telecommunication aerial figure 8 aerial cable (FSP-JF-LAP-SS)


Copper telecommunication figure 8 aerial cables (FSP-JF-LAP-SS) type are used for primary and secondary distribution networks, (i.e., in the secondary network between cross-connection cabinets and the subscribers’ connections, in the primary network between the exchange and cross-connection cabinets) and produced for aerial outdoor installation with black PE sheath, it is suitable for tropical environmental conditions (from -10 °C to +60 °C).


  • Up to 200 pairs following REA – PE 89 (USA), TCVN 8238:2009, IEC 60708
  • Conductor size: 0.4mm; 0.5mm; 0.65mm; 0.9mm
  • Copper telecommunication aerial cables (F8) type is designed by solid pure annealed copper conductor, high density polyethylene foam skin or solid (Skin) insulated, paired, ten or twenty-five pairs sub-unit type, jelly filled, polyester tape wrapped (PS tape), screened with aluminum moisture barrier and black polyethylene sheathed, aerial type, primary and secondary local telephone cable
  • High strength with messenger wire is made galvanized steel core braided together (07 cores) only applied for aerial cable


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Technical specification

I. Electrical and transmission characteristics 

  1. Conductor resistance at 200C

2. Insulation resistance at 200C

The insulation resistance shall not be less than 10000 MW/km at 20°C.

3. Dielectric withstand voltage

4. Mutual capacitance

5. Capacitance unbalance at 1000 ± 200 Hz

6. Transmission attenuation

II. Mechanical characteristic