Sam dây và cáp
Sam dây và cáp

Dây thuê bao đồng treo (ADW-F8)

Product code:
REA –PE 89 (USA), TCVN 8238 – 2009 (Viet Nam)
Cable capacity:
01 set
0.5mm - 0.65mm - 0.9mm


Copper aerial drop wire (ADW-F8) is designed for use in extending telephone service to subscriber premises from the distribution cable or cable terminal. Outer sheath is extruded by polyethylene (PE) black color or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) black colour and produced for aerial outdoor installation.


  • Up to 2 pairs following REA – PE 89 (USA), TCVN 8697:2011, IEC 60708
  • Conductor size: 0.5mm; 0.65mm; 0.9mm; 7×0.18mm; 9×0.18mm
  • Colour code of conductor insulation: white – red or black – blue or request follow customer
  • Copper aerial drop wire (ADW-F8) type is designed by solid pure annealed copper conductor, high density polyethylene foam skin or solid (skin) insulated
  • High strength with messenger wire is made galvanized steel wire braided together (07 cores)


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Technical specification

I. Electrical and transmission characteristics

1. Conductor resistance at 200C

2. Insulation resistance at 200C

The insulation resistance shall not be less than 10000 MW/km at 20°C.

3. Dielectric withstand voltage

4. Mutual capacitance

5. Transmission attenuation

II. Mechanical characteristic



300m – 500 m/roll